Gears of War 2

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Oh lord they did it again!

I could just probably leave this review at that; GW2 is an enthralling, masterfully built, piece of art – you’ll regret every time you’re forced to put the controller down.

Again you go into battle as the, target eyed, directly forward, Marcus Fenix – the leader of Delta squad. I’m not gonna get into too many details because I don’t want to spoil one tiny bit for you. What I can tell you is that GW2 picks up right where GW1 laid off (unlike the cryptic Halo 2 and 3 😉 ). There’s even a tutorial at the beginning of the game (if you wish) to pick up your skills again. Then its back to the nearly impossible war, against the nearly unstoppable enemy. Good luck!

The steel clashing on steel aura of GW1 is preserved in GW2 as forces of destruction (exploding cars, shattering bodies, and bullets rip above your head…) are always around you. Epic has done a great job of staying true to the originals strengths and refining the battle process and environment to an insanely good precision.

Not really known for in video games but GW2’s plot is extremely good. Often cut scene dialogs in games are either overdone, boring, or take me out of the action. But the cut scenes, voice acting, characters… are all meaningful and fun to watch.

Don’t think GW2 is just a remake because clearly the guys at Epic built to create the next towering tier of the series. The environments of GW2 are all new, custom built, masterpieces. The cratered buildings, unstable earth, locust ruins, are never seen before relics. And the story just gets better and better as the game goes on.

There are also plenty of surprises in GW2 that keep pulling you forward and leave you gasping with breath when you’re done.

If you haven’t got the chance, join Delta squad and help save the earth from the locust horde. “We need you and expect you at the recruiting station, son.” If not, you’re missing something absolutely absolutely amazing.


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