Ninja Gaiden II

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I am ninja.

Ninja Gaiden II is the sequel to the original XBOX game. The Ninja Gaiden was well praised for it’s excellent arcade action, top-notch response times, devastating combo’s and brilliant story. Sequels to me almost almost always fall short. Alot of times sequels become too ambitious and add parts the don’t feel complete. NOT this one. Team Ninja not only stayed true to all the above categories but have added improved graphics, weapons and techniques, has a consistent frame rate, and provides another solid story line.

Ryu Hayabusa is back to protect the demon statue and he’s more lethal than ever. If you’ve played the original you can jump right in – it feels and plays like NG I. Ninja Gaiden isn’t an open-ended adventure but rather a linear action game. Though this may not sound excited (as most games become more open-ended) Team Ninja does a good job of staying focused. Ninja Gaiden I and II are all about action. I can’t emphasize enough about action.

As soon as I picked-up the Lunar Staff and mashed the enemy thirty times, I knew I was in for something great. Through the course of the journey, you’ll visit New York, an Italian-like place, and Amazon forest in sevel huge levels. I worried that I would just cruise though the game – not because it was too easy – but becuase I enjoyed it too much. That’s where I was mislead. Ninja Gaiden II is a challenge all the way through. To add flavor the the game you mess with six different weapons that change how the game is played altogether. Also these weapons are upgradeable as well as the Ninpo magic attack.

All in all, I can’t tell you how great Ninja Gaiden II is, it has to be played to be believed. NG II isn’t perfect. Particularly the same dumb camera as NG I had that rubs against walls and makes you vulnerable to hidden backside attacks. But the camera can almost be overlooked as everything else in NG II is rock solid. Team Ninja has again shown the art of programming a game that is parred my none. Now I’m going to do it all again on a specially designed mentor level that opens up after finishing regular difficulty.

I am ninja.

  • + Great graphics
  • + Large levels
  • + Weapons and enemies galore
  • + Total focus on action
  • – A camera a bit more intuitive would be nice
  • ? Hard mode too difficult?

4.9 X’s


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