Call of Duty 4

March 2, 2008 at 6:10 am 1 comment

The sea is crashing the night is black, the cargo freighter comes underneath and we rappelled down the roap. The boat sways, and the waves throw water on the deck. In five minutes we’re out – a quick smash and grab job. And I’m thinking this is so !@#$ cool. So cool, so James Bondish, and one of the best intros to a video game I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been lucky to get some good games lately and CD4 fits right in. The last couple weeks I’ve been playing Call of Duty 4, and its everything I heard it was. FPS’s have become my favorite genre in video games – just before good RPG’s (good ones – which I haven’t seen in awhile). The best way to describe Call of Duty 4? Heavy. CD4 has the best “heavy” feeling of any game I’ve played before.

When I talked about the physics of Half Life 2 review, it was really cool to see a barrel go flying and bounce off of walls and hurt people. But as I thought about it, the “heaviness” of HL2 was lacking. HL2 has little response when bullets hit enemies and the object sometimes just felt like tinker toys. Call of Duty 4 doesn’t have the physics of Half Life 2 but it does have something closer to the character – heaviness.

As “Soap” sits in the chopper door as the raiding marines fly in from the coast, the chopper shakes, terrorists on building fire rpgs. The storming party all arrive at once and rappel to earth. Thunk! Then we’re in for a ride. Quickly pushing thorough the city to find our lead terrorist we feel the weight of all Soaps gear – swoosh swoosh. Soap moves, breathes and is hit like a real marine (well not quite) but as good as any as I have ever seen. But it gets even better.

As I got out of the first building and into the alleyway the marines are in a bad pinch, getting attacked from the left and the right alleys. I had one of those slow-motion: look-left look-right moments, and bullets whizzed by me. I realized I was in a bad position. A couple terrorists jumped over a car in the right alley and since my men were focused on the left I considered it my responsibility. I put off a couple quick shots because I didn’t have cover and they weren’t that good. I hit the terrorist on the left in the right leg, and He dropped to one knee!! Stunned. In fact, this is Call of Duty’s saving grace cause no longer do shots on outside of the ribcage do much anymore. Yes! I kneeled for a second and watched as enemies stumbled, hid and crawled about.

My concern that with such a popular title that this game might get a bit gimmicky. And it does – but not real bad. As good as the real shots and body reactions and hard character physics are it lost alot for me in the occasional too powerful weapons department and the unlimited enemies aspect.

A couple of the weapons are just way too overpowered and too easy to use. Like I said, I’m not gonna give no spoilers. But it left me at times saying, “Thats it?” Also, maybe my newest, biggest pet peeve is unlimited enemies. I expected in a military tactical shooter that we would clear an area before advancing as is often the case in real military tactics. Sure I accept that urban fighting and ranger technique’s are to push through an area as quickly as possible. But too often I was put in areas just to have to plow through them – no fun.

Thankfully CD4 had more to it than this and I got over it. Call of Duty 4’s graphics are top notch and the sound effects are very good. I found the story good too.

Call of Duty 4 is an excellent game that every person that loves FPS’s needs to give a shot.

  • + Well polished, graphics, sound, story.
  • + Stick Controls best ever for a FPS
  • + Enough variety to keep it interesting.
  • – Grenades that can’t be seen. Plasma grenades anyone?
  • – Terrorist ad infinitum.

4.6 X’s


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