Mass Effect

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I love RPGs and with the addition of Knights of the Old Republic in 2003 a new dimension to how RPGs was made – multiple landscapes, detailed interaction with characters, choices that actually effect game play. Bioware’s tattoo is doing an incredibly good job of capturing the Universe they intend to portray and making the user feel part of the environment and again they’ve done it with Mass Effect – but even better.

Right from the git go the most stunning effect of Mass Effect is seen, the characters. Not only are their details incredible (from freckles) but you can create a character yourself. For those that have seen Oblivions character creator it’s similar but with smoother looking characters and details. All characters features are realistic from emotions to eye blinking, from feigning to concentration to… you name it. As well, these thoughts and emotions are realistically shadowed in interaction with other characters – B E a utiful. The cut-scenes dialogs in the game blend almost perfectly with game play. The quality and excitement of personal dialogs has never been better in a game before. The voice acting is well done but the real genius of the game is that real choices have real outcomes. If you want to blow off that fan that keeps annoying you – do it ( he’s a jerk anyhow ); don’t have time to save a bunch of colonists in Artemis Tau – bahhh.

Mass Effect Environment

If you remember the incredible details of walking through republic space and getting immersed in them in KOTOR you’ll enjoy the environments here just as much. Mass Effect has a dozen different worlds you can visited and explored. The environments of the main quests will make you stop and say, “Woah.” They are incredible and a beauty to look at. There is also the custom manicured worlds you get to drive the Mako through and the Prothean Ruins at Feros – ahhh love.

The fighting system has also significantly improved over KOTOR. KOTOR used a turn based system, in Mass Effect real time fighting is employed. Don’t expect Halo but the fighting can be entertaining with some challenging bits. Though fighting is arcade-ish (FPS novices will find themselves turning the settings to veteran soon enough) you will find yourself challenged time to time. Mass Effect includes physics built into the characters so you’ll see characters collapse clumsily as they die – not too shabby.

One word: Mass Effect is amazing. The best game I’ve played to date on any console on any platform – no boss fights which would have put it over the top but everything else in Mass Effect makes up for it. It has the most interaction of any video game, the story is very good, the hard science fiction in the game is well researched and will have you reading about the details of the game, and the fighting is alot better.

A few caveats would be the side quests are repetitive and in the authors opinion and take away from the overall experience of the game and driving the Mako off a 300 foot cliff incurs no damage – what fun is that? Overall though Mass Effect is something most gamers will need to get their hands on.

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4.8 X’s


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