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I knew if I bought a racing game I’d be gripped to the Xbox for un-normally long periods yet I bought it anyway. I bought PGR2 (Project Gotham Racing) for the original Xbox on a whim and it became my most played game, so choosing F2M was a no lose situation. F2M has got all the hype and I can say (for the most part) that its well earned. Unfortunately, it lacks what I hoped would be a large part of next-gen gaming – more on that in a bit.

Forza Logo

Forza 2 Motorsports is being called a racing simulation. Console racing is no longer just turning around a corner. As with PGR2 you have to carefully calculate corners, select proper lines, be easy at times on brakes, and the pedal. Forza 2 Motorsports also has a pretty accurate damage system, including wear on tires. The graphics are tops with a good amount of audience and environmental elements that makes you feel almost at the race.

F2M has several different modes of play: Arcade Race, Arcade Time Trial, and Career. Currently I am about half way through career. F2M is the most challenging racing game I have ever played. I find myself choosing my cars carefully, and viciously fighting to keep my car from sliding off a turn or avoiding hitting other cars (both of which incur penalties). There are plenty, Plenty of cars to choose from in F2M and they all feel like real cars. I find myself constantly learning new ways to race with each individual car.

F2M racing pic

If I were to criticize F2M for anything would be it’s all too robotic thinking. With PGR2, computer AI allowed you to catch up a good deal of the time even with a good slip. In F2M often a slight mistake means you’ll be trailing the pack the entire race. Also too, car selection can be a real problem: F2M separates races by the level the car is ranked, a car in the top of the ranks is usually easy won, a car at the bottom… This means spend a lot of time tuning the car just to get a good race. The F2M guide ( a nice guide ) at IGN describes it well:

“When preparing for a new event in Forza’s Career Mode, you’ll have to pick out a vehicle that can effectively compete with the competition. When browsing the racing events, press X to bring up a list of competitors in the event. You’ll get a breakdown of what opponents you’ll be racing and what class they’re in. If your vehicle doesn’t match their class, pick something else or beef up your existing car.”

The guide also has a nice suggestion for which cars to choose for a race. In addition to the car selections issues, I was a bit disappointed too at the lack of and variety of tracks. Theres a good number of tracks but it seems like there could be more, plus most the tracks are flat which takes a dimension out of it.

Overall though I can’t argue that F2M isn’t speed freak fun. Racing is my thing – F2M is hard to go wrong with.



  • Control steering better by removing the deadzone areas in options.
  • For the (non-setup) best racing visit Time Trials or Factory Specs in Career.

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